# Types.hpp

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API: latest
module: oatpp-swagger
#include "oatpp-swagger/Types.hpp"

# Binary

Binary type class info.

namespace oatpp { namespace swagger { namespace __class { 
  class Binary {}

# Fields

Type Name Summary
const oatpp::data::mapping::type::ClassId CLASS_ID CLASS_NAME = "string".

# Methods

Return Type Name Summary
oatpp::Type* getType Get type information.

# Binary::CLASS_ID

CLASS_NAME = "string".

static const oatpp::data::mapping::type::ClassId CLASS_ID

# Binary::getType

Get type information.

static oatpp::Type* getType()

# Binary

Namespace: oatpp::swagger

Typedef for Binary. It is used to indicate file upload in Swagger-UI.
Usage example: info->addConsumes<oatpp::swagger::Binary>("application/octet-stream");.
For more info see: Endpoint Annotation And API Documentation.

typedef oatpp::data::mapping::type::ObjectWrapper<std::string, __class::Binary> Binary