# Multipart.hpp

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API: latest
module: oatpp
#include "oatpp/web/mime/multipart/Multipart.hpp"

# Headers

Namespace: oatpp::web::mime::multipart

Typedef for headers map. Headers map key is case-insensitive. For more info see oatpp::data::share::LazyStringMap.

typedef oatpp::data::share::LazyStringMap<oatpp::data::share::StringKeyLabelCI_FAST> Headers

# Multipart

Structure that holds parts of Multipart.

namespace oatpp { namespace web { namespace mime { namespace multipart { 
  class Multipart {}

# Methods

Return Type Name Summary
[none] Multipart Multiple implementations:
  1. Constructor.
  2. Constructor.
[none] ~Multipart Default virtual Destructor.
std::shared_ptr<Multipart> createSharedWithRandomBoundary Create Multipart object with random boundary.
oatpp::String getBoundary Get multipart boundary value.
void addPart Add part to Multipart.
std::shared_ptr<Part> getNamedPart Get part by name
const std::list<std::shared_ptr<Part>>& getAllParts Get list of all parts.
v_int64 count Get parts count.

# Multipart::Multipart

  1. Constructor.
    • @param boundary - multipart boundary value.
    Multipart(const oatpp::String& boundary)
  2. Constructor.
    • @param requestHeaders - request headers. Headers must contain "Content-Type" header.
    Multipart(const Headers& requestHeaders)

# Multipart::~Multipart

Default virtual Destructor.

virtual ~Multipart() = default

# Multipart::createSharedWithRandomBoundary

Create Multipart object with random boundary.
It will generate random vector of size boundarySize in bytes encoded in base64.

  • @param boundarySize - size of the random vecrot in bytes.
  • @return - std::shared_ptr to Multipart.

static std::shared_ptr<Multipart> createSharedWithRandomBoundary(v_int32 boundarySize = 15)

# Multipart::getBoundary

Get multipart boundary value.

  • @return - multipart boundary value.

oatpp::String getBoundary()

# Multipart::addPart

Add part to Multipart.

void addPart(const std::shared_ptr<Part>& part)

# Multipart::getNamedPart

Get part by name
Applicable to named parts only.

std::shared_ptr<Part> getNamedPart(const oatpp::String& name)

# Multipart::getAllParts

Get list of all parts.

const std::list<std::shared_ptr<Part>>& getAllParts()

# Multipart::count

Get parts count.

  • @return - parts count.

v_int64 count()

# generateRandomBoundary

Namespace: oatpp::web::mime::multipart

Generate random boundary for Multipart object. Base64 encoded.

  • @param boundarySize - size in bytes of random vector.
  • @return - oatpp::String.

oatpp::String generateRandomBoundary(v_int32 boundarySize = 15)