# base_define.hpp

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API: latest
module: oatpp
#include "oatpp/codegen/dto/base_define.hpp"


Codegen macoro to be used in classes extending oatpp::data::mapping::type::Object to generate required fields/methods/constructors for DTO object.

  • @param TYPE_NAME - name of the DTO class.
  • @param TYPE_EXTEND - name of the parent DTO class. If DTO extends oatpp::data::mapping::type::Object TYPE_EXETENDS should be Object.



Codegen macro to generate fields of DTO object.

  • @param TYPE - type of the field.
  • @param NAME - name of the field.
  • @param QUALIFIER_NAME - additional (optional) field to specify serialized name of the field. If not specified it will be same as NAME.

#define DTO_FIELD(TYPE, ...)