# ParsingError.hpp

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API: latest
module: oatpp
#include "oatpp/core/parser/ParsingError.hpp"

# ParsingError

Thrown when parsing error occurred and ParsingCaret object is not accessible for user. If parsing was made via oatpp::parser::ParsingCaret and ParsingCaret is accessible for user then do not throw this error.- User should read error from ParsingCaret::getError()

namespace oatpp { namespace parser { 
  class ParsingError : public std::runtime_error {}

# Methods

Return Type Name Summary
[none] ParsingError Constructor
oatpp::String getMessage get error message
v_int64 getCode get error code
v_buff_size getPosition get parsing position of the error

# ParsingError::ParsingError


  • @param message
  • @param position

ParsingError(const oatpp::String &message, v_int64 code, v_buff_size position)

# ParsingError::getMessage

get error message

  • @return

oatpp::String getMessage() const

# ParsingError::getCode

get error code

  • @return

v_int64 getCode() const

# ParsingError::getPosition

get parsing position of the error

  • @return

v_buff_size getPosition() const