# TimerWorker.hpp

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API: latest
module: oatpp
#include "oatpp/core/async/worker/TimerWorker.hpp"

# TimerWorker

Timer worker. Used to wait for timer-scheduled coroutines.

namespace oatpp { namespace async { namespace worker { 
  class TimerWorker : public Worker {}

# Methods

Return Type Name Summary
[none] TimerWorker Constructor.
void pushTasks Push list of tasks to worker.
void pushOneTask Push one task to worker.
void run Run worker.
void stop Break run loop.
void join Join all worker-threads.
void detach Detach all worker-threads.

# TimerWorker::TimerWorker


  • @param granularity - minimum possible time to wait.

TimerWorker(const std::chrono::duration<v_int64, std::micro>& granularity = std::chrono::milliseconds(100))

# TimerWorker::pushTasks

Push list of tasks to worker.

void pushTasks(utils::FastQueue<CoroutineHandle>& tasks) override

# TimerWorker::pushOneTask

Push one task to worker.

  • @param task - CoroutineHandle.

void pushOneTask(CoroutineHandle* task) override

# TimerWorker::run

Run worker.

void run()

# TimerWorker::stop

Break run loop.

void stop() override

# TimerWorker::join

Join all worker-threads.

void join() override

# TimerWorker::detach

Detach all worker-threads.

void detach() override