# Curl.hpp

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API: latest
module: oatpp-curl
#include "oatpp-curl/io/Curl.hpp"

# CurlHeaders

Wrapper over curl_slist.

namespace oatpp { namespace curl { namespace io { 
  class CurlHeaders {}

# Methods

Return Type Name Summary
[none] CurlHeaders Constructor.
[none] ~CurlHeaders Non-virtual destructor.
void append Append Header to curl_slist.
curl_slist* getCurlList Get underlying curl_slist.

# CurlHeaders::CurlHeaders



# CurlHeaders::~CurlHeaders

Non-virtual destructor.


# CurlHeaders::append

Append Header to curl_slist.

void append(const oatpp::String& key, const oatpp::String& value)

# CurlHeaders::getCurlList

Get underlying curl_slist.

  • @return - curl_slist*.

curl_slist* getCurlList()

# CurlHandles

Pair of CURL and CURLM. Curl-multi is used by oatpp::curl::RequestExecutor, oatpp::curl::io::CurlBodyReader, oatpp::curl::io::CurlBodyWriter just for non-blocking perform rather then for multi-handle-perform.

namespace oatpp { namespace curl { namespace io { 
  class CurlHandles {}

# Methods

Return Type Name Summary
[none] CurlHandles Constructor.
[none] ~CurlHandles Non-virtual destructor.
CURL* getEasyHandle Get curl easy handle.
CURLM* getMultiHandle Get curl multi handle.

# CurlHandles::CurlHandles



# CurlHandles::~CurlHandles

Non-virtual destructor.


# CurlHandles::getEasyHandle

Get curl easy handle.

  • @return - CURL*.

CURL* getEasyHandle()

# CurlHandles::getMultiHandle

Get curl multi handle.

  • @return - CURLM*.

CURLM* getMultiHandle()