Getting Started

  1. Take a look at:

  2. Check out examples and starter-projects:

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  • CRUD API + Swagger-UI - Example project how-to create basic CRUD endpoints
  • HTTP Live Streaming Server - Example project how-to build HLS-streaming server using oat++ Async-API.
  • Asynchronous API - Example project how-to use asynchronous API for handling large number of simultaneous connections
  • HTTP Requests with ApiClient - Example project how-to use Retrofit-like client wrapper (ApiClient) and how it works
  • TLS with Libressl - Example project how-to setup secure connection and serve via HTTPS.
  • Consul Integration - Example project how-to use oatpp::consul::Client. Integration with Consul.
  • PostgreSQL - Example of a production grade entity service storing information in PostgreSQL. With Swagger-UI and configuration profiles.
  • WebSocket - Collection of oatpp WebSocket examples.