# Installation on Windows

# Requirements

  • Microsoft Visual Studio (Tested with Visual Studio 2017)
  • CMake (Latest version recommended)
  • Git

# Install Oat++

$ git clone https://github.com/oatpp/oatpp.git
$ cd oatpp\
$ MD build
$ cd build\

$ cmake ..
$ cmake --build . --target INSTALL

# Installation CMake options:

Option Default Description
CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE Debug Build type.
BUILD_SHARED_LIBS OFF Leave this option to OFF. Oat++ is meant to be used as a static library.
OATPP_BUILD_TESTS ON Set it to OFF to disable tests build.
OATPP_DISABLE_ENV_OBJECT_COUNTERS OFF If ON, do not count oatpp objects (do not detect memory-leaks). This will increase performance.
Note: DO NOT use this flags to build/run application tests, as tests won't detect memory-leaks.
OATPP_DISABLE_POOL_ALLOCATIONS OFF If ON, do not use oatpp memory-pools.
OATPP_COMPAT_BUILD_NO_THREAD_LOCAL OFF Build without thread_local feature. See #81.