# Beautifier.hpp

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API: latest
module: oatpp
#include "oatpp/parser/json/Beautifier.hpp"

# Beautifier

JSON output stream beautifier.

namespace oatpp { namespace parser { namespace json { 
  class Beautifier : public oatpp::data::stream::ConsistentOutputStream {}

# Methods

Return Type Name Summary
[none] Beautifier Constructor.
v_io_size write Write count of bytes to stream.
void setOutputStreamIOMode Set stream I/O mode.
IOMode getOutputStreamIOMode Get stream I/O mode.
Context& getOutputStreamContext Get stream context.

# Beautifier::Beautifier


  • @param outputStream - destination output stream.
  • @param indent
  • @param newLine

Beautifier(ConsistentOutputStream* outputStream, const oatpp::String& indent, const oatpp::String& newLine)

# Beautifier::write

Write count of bytes to stream.

  • @param data - data to write.
  • @param count - number of bytes to write.
  • @param action
  • @return - actual number of bytes written. oatpp::v_io_size.

v_io_size write(const void *data, v_buff_size count, async::Action& action) override

# Beautifier::setOutputStreamIOMode

Set stream I/O mode.

  • @throws

void setOutputStreamIOMode(IOMode ioMode) override

# Beautifier::getOutputStreamIOMode

Get stream I/O mode.

  • @return

IOMode getOutputStreamIOMode() override

# Beautifier::getOutputStreamContext

Get stream context.

  • @return

Context& getOutputStreamContext() override