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Example Project

Oat++ extension module to work with SSDP (Simple Service Discovery Protocol) protocol.

Build And Install

Note: you need to install the main oatpp module first.

  • Clone this repository.
  • In the root of the repository run:
    mkdir build && cd build
    cmake ..
    make install


Declare Necessary Components

In the AppComponent.hpp file:

#include "oatpp-ssdp/SimpleSsdpUdpStreamProvider.hpp"
#include "oatpp-ssdp/SsdpStreamHandler.hpp"


 * Create provider of SSDP-UDP packets stream.
OATPP_CREATE_COMPONENT(std::shared_ptr<oatpp::ssdp::UdpStreamProvider>, ssdpStreamProvider)("ssdp", [] {
  return oatpp::ssdp::SimpleSsdpUdpStreamProvider::createShared();

 * We can reuse the HttpRouter for SSDP since SSDP message is complient to HTTP1.1.
OATPP_CREATE_COMPONENT(std::shared_ptr<oatpp::web::server::HttpRouter>, ssdpRouter)("ssdp", [] {
  return oatpp::web::server::HttpRouter::createShared();

 * Create SsdpStreamHandler component which uses Router component to route requests.
 * It looks like a normal ConnectionHandler but is specialized on SsdpStreams and returns something conceptually very different
OATPP_CREATE_COMPONENT(std::shared_ptr<oatpp::ssdp::SsdpStreamHandler>, ssdpStreamHandler)("ssdp", [] {
  OATPP_COMPONENT(std::shared_ptr<oatpp::web::server::HttpRouter>, router, "ssdp"); // get Router component
  return oatpp::ssdp::SsdpStreamHandler::createShared(router);

Run SSDP Server

In the App.cpp file:

/* Get stream provider component */
OATPP_COMPONENT(std::shared_ptr<oatpp::ssdp::UdpStreamProvider>, ssdpStreamProvider, "ssdp");

/* Get stream handler component */
OATPP_COMPONENT(std::shared_ptr<oatpp::ssdp::SsdpStreamHandler>, ssdpStreamHandler, "ssdp");

/* Create server which takes provided streams and passes them to stream handler */
oatpp::network::server::Server server(ssdpStreamProvider, ssdpStreamHandler);

/* Priny info about server port */
OATPP_LOGD("Server", "Running SSDP on port %s...", ssdpStreamProvider->getProperty("port").getData());

/* Run server */

Handle SSDP Messages

In the Controller.hpp file:

 * Other devices that want to discover you send 'M-SEARCH *' SSDP packages.
 * You have to answer with a corresponding packet on this discovery.
ENDPOINT("M-SEARCH", "*", star) {
  auto response = createResponse(Status::CODE_200, "" /* empty body */);
  // TODO - add correct response headers.
  return response;