# oatpp-sqlite

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Example Project

SQLite adapter for Oat++ ORM.

# Build And Install

Note: you need to install the main oatpp module first.

  • Clone this repository.
  • In the root of the repository run:
    mkdir build && cd build
    cmake ..
    make install

This module uses SQLite amalgamation which will be installed as a part of this module.


Detailed documentation on Oat++ ORM you can find here.

# Connect to Database

All you need to start using oatpp ORM with SQLite is to create oatpp::sqlite::Executor and provide it to your DbClient.

#include "db/MyClient.hpp"
#include "oatpp-sqlite/orm.hpp"

class AppComponent {
   * Create DbClient component.
   * SQLite is used as an example here. For other databases declaration is similar.
  OATPP_CREATE_COMPONENT(std::shared_ptr<db::MyClient>, myDatabaseClient)([] {
    /* Create database-specific ConnectionProvider */
    auto connectionProvider = std::make_shared<oatpp::sqlite::ConnectionProvider>("/path/to/database.sqlite");    
    /* Create database-specific ConnectionPool */
    auto connectionPool = oatpp::sqlite::ConnectionPool::createShared(connectionProvider, 
                                                                      10 /* max-connections */, 
                                                                      std::chrono::seconds(5) /* connection TTL */);
    /* Create database-specific Executor */
    auto executor = std::make_shared<oatpp::sqlite::Executor>(connectionPool);
    /* Create MyClient database client */
    return std::make_shared<MyClient>(executor);